I messed up. A Samson costume was supposed to be finished, but instead, I was sitting here ripping out a seam. Actually, I had two seams. The zigzag one was on the outside and a fine one inside as the cloth was one of those which liked to fray. That outside seam was easily picked with the seam ripper, but the second one on the seam itself required special treatment. I had used a fine stitch and it was too small for the seam ripper to rip. I ended up sitting here with a razorblade pulling the seam tight and cutting the thread between the pieces. The risk of doing it this way is that the fabric gets cut as well. It did, a little, but the task is done, and now I can sew it correctly. Talk about a bummer as my desire was to finish the costume last night. Anyways, while performing that task, I played a video from a blog – . I suggest you watch it and picture a nation full of this attitude. It is my contention that this nation was full of men. Men who would put up what they believed and dare the politicians to oppose them. The man has been lost to this culture, except a few examples popping up here and there to remind us what this country used to possess. Any of you who have boys, please homeschool them. We need more men in this country. What Mike shows is the reason schools are designed the way they are and medicate boys the way they do. It’s easier to corral a docile workhorse than a wild stallion. It’s easier to obtain the desired obedience and voting of those subdued. So I cheer Mike. May your attitudes have progeny.