I woke up yesterday and got to wondering what to make for breakfast. We had eggs the previous day, and I wasn’t in the mood for something like pancakes or waffles. There were 5 eggs in the carton, and no fresh veges to make an omelet. So I decided to be different. I made a pie crust and rolled out pieces to fit into muffin tins. While doing that, I noted that there were some dried green peppers in the pantry as well as onion flakes. These were placed in a pan with water to boil and rehydrate. I also found some turkey sausage frozen and managed to cut off about 20% of the roll. This was put in a fry-pan while I beat the tar out of the eggs. I whipped them until froth formed across the surface, added the drained green peppers and onion and poured them into the pie crusts in the muffin tin. The sausage was place on top once finished and I put it in the oven at 375 degrees for an unknown proposed length of time. After about 10 min, the crusts were not browning, so I turned up the temp to 425 degrees. This helped them cook and the result is as follows:
After tasting them, I decided that cheese would have been a good addition. All in all, it was considered successful. 🙂