We are having a local election soon and have been receiving invitations to vote for so-in-so with pictures of them surrounded by their family all displaying happy faces. I’m sorry, that doesn’t by my vote. There was a former pastor who presented views that total contradicted mine. I know him and would gladly listen to another sermon, but that doesn’t get a vote. In thinking about the candidates, that I don’t know much about them and of course their bios will each be presented as the best thing since sliced bread. Therefore, I had to decide on a different approach. About three years back, there was a situation in Tennessee where a family wanting fire protection would have to pay a yearly premium. If they didn’t, no fire protection would be offered. The story is here.
My question: Firefighters allowed a home to burn to the ground because a premium was not paid, and even though they were present to care for a neighbor’s yard who paid the premium. Do you agree with their actions and why or why not?
I think that will give a better picture of the candidate’s views on personal responsibility vs government responsibility.