Kidinbox has traveled to Europe with a school class leaving behind an interesting array of wildlife – and 6 pages of instructions to care for them. We are now taking care of a frilled lizard, bearded dragon, turtle, tortoise, dwarf hamster, two chinchillas, fire-belly toads, and a Siamese fighting fish for good measure. Lunch now includes setting out the buffet for the animals and night time requires an hour of time with the chinchillas letting them run out of the cage, laying on the floor so they can use us as climbing challenges (That was not in the instructions. It’s just fun) and watching the demise of multitudes of crickets as they are the main food of a couple of our guests.
One entertaining time we had was introducing our cat to the turtle. This turtle spends most of his time in the water, and occasionally gets on a floating raft to bask under the light. Once in a while we let Mrs turtle walk around the room and one evening decided to let Jake see the new hotel guest. Their introduction was a mix of disdain on turtle’s part and bristled tail for Jake. The cat crept behind the turtle until the turtle turned around and then backed up, circled around and the process began again. By the way, the turtle was about one-half the size of the cat, so Jake had quite an eyeful. It takes two hands to pick up Mrs T.

Mrs. T: Uhmm, interesting landscape. It’s similar to what I have seen previously. The landmarks differ, but no problem. Let’s quarter off the area and examine one section at a time. (starts across the room)
Jake: (sirens blaring) Alert, Alert, intruder alert! Summon all back-up. Unidentified moving rock on the premises. I will track and send updates. (walk with legs bent about 1/2 normal height)
Mrs. T: (arriving at the couch) Looks like all is clear here. No plant matter. No hostile encounters. No food of any sort. That’s kind of a bummer, but the structures are interesting. I wonder what that is to the left. I looks like thin, vertical, limbs and has horizontal oversized flat limbs extending between the trunks. Quite curious. I can even walk under it. Let’s check the bottom side. (she turns)
Jake: (jump and back up) The hostile alien has turned. I may have been spotted. Warning hiss fired. I am backing to get a better position. Keep you posted.

Hence the encounter proceeded. I can say they are a bit more work than we have had to do to date, but admit to entertainment value as well.