Many years ago, there was a need for people to provide their own food. This was done in the context of a war and as such gained the title “Victory Garden.” I see this country in a similar plight, though of the government’s own making, and as such we are not looking for victory, just survival. We have to take care of ourselves as this government will do everything in their power to make life miserable. Example: sequestration cuts. Spouseinbox and I have spent the afternoon planting 6 trees. Three of them are low water users for appearance and placed in the front. Three are fruit trees and will be used for fruit to lower the future food costs we have. Considering they are water users, the best idea I had was to place them on the side of the house where the air conditioner expels condensation. This also happens to be a low spot between the houses on our block meaning that when there is that rare experience of something wet falling from the sky, they are placed in the location to best receive whatever clear liquid comes. (I had an e-mail exchange with a fellow worker in another branch asking about our rain. I replied that I had heard that name somewhere before, that it had a slight familiarity.) We already have a row of corn planted and a single garlic clove as I noted a green sprig coming from it and decided to use it to grow rather than have to throw away the growing part. I also have some green pepper seeds as well as some zucchini seeds from a couple of dishes we have made. They are outside drying after which I hopefully can plant them. I have a few other packets of seeds, and haven’t made the time to plant them, but hopefully this coming week will allow that activity. All this is to prepare for the future lack of adequate affordable food which I see as a natural byproduct of the philosophies running Washington today.