We live in West Texas. On the practical side that means the people and government of Texas. On the climate side, it means mostly flat land, a few hills here and there, mesquite and cactus and heat – plenty of heat. I heard once that when a sinner died, God would send him to West Texas to warm up on the way down. That being the case, there is also a lack of water leading to a burn ban in most counties in West Texas. A couple of years back we lost near half a million acres to fire. It is a subject not taken lightly here. Longer ago than that, I was heading towards home and noted a patch of grass starting to burn next to the road. Before it was all said and done, three strangers were stomping the budding licks of flame to get that area back to normal. No fire department was there. Just us taking care of business before another patch of dried plants joined the elemental set. We take it that seriously. The first video background of Samson required an altar and fire. It could not be done in this part of Texas.
Road Trip!
I packed up rocks, sticks, a 14 foot 2×4, coat thread, a blow up doll, and camera supplies. Spouseinbox and I went 3 cities away to find a spot which would allow the video to be made. It was in a spot near a river which allowed use of a bucket for water to be spread around the altar before the fire was started. (Yes, we take it seriously) We took some area shots and a couple with spouseinbox providing a figure to test the range and focus. We set up two tripods, one with the video camera, the other with the Canon. The angel costume was then donned, and pictures taken and video done with the background gestures needed for the first song. The outfit was then traded to the blowup man who was fitted with a hanger and coat thread. This thread was run up and through a little tube at the end of the 14′ 2×4. We set up the 2×4 off the truck tire held with a couple of tie downs and positioned over and behind the altar. Fire was started, and John (the blow-up man) took a trip up to the sky. Once the videos were placed back to back, the effect was rather good. Well, good for an extremely low-dollar production.