For a little bit of background, we received a food vacuum sealer for Christmas. The unit has two operating buttons, the seal and the vac/seal. The first is used to seal the start of the bag and the second one is used once the food has been placed to suck out the air and then seal the bag with the minimal amount of air around the food. I have discovered that the first operation works on other plastic bags as well. I had a grocery bag with a hole in the bottom, and put it on the seal to close up the leak.
Spouseinbox has a small cooler sized to hold a syringe for a daily medication. This medication is to be kept cold, and when travelling, this has proved quite a challenge to do in a small sized enclosure. We went to BigBox store this evening and found a cold pack that would work, but was twice the size needed. It was under a dollar, so with the idea of minimal loss for failure, we picked it up with the idea that it could be cut in half and sealed. Amazingly, it worked. I had to run the seal cycle twice on each half to accomplish the feat, but it worked and we now have two cold packs of the proper size for the mini-cooler.