The other night, we decided to treat a friend. The items presenting themselves were zucchini, pork chops and tomato. We treated the pork chops with milk before rolling them in Italian seasoned bread crumbs and then frying them in a small amount of olive oil. The zucchini was used in a slightly altered recipe noted earlier where the halves are filled with the tomato, spice, and cheese. One problem noted with the cheese on top that has been broiled though, it tends to come off in a single piece. The solution to this problem was to dice up everything and place in a baking dish as before, just with the cheese stirred into the pieces, not on the top. The result was very good.
We didn’t get a picture of that one, but did catch one of the following day where we matched the leftovers of the zucchini with a hamburger steak.
photo 1