Rip Tide is quite powerful considering how many inches of water are moving.
Water is a powerful force. This applies to it moving, used as steam, as well as degeneration of items in contact.
Standing in sand while water passes by is interesting as the “footing” gets washed away from around the feet and stability is lost.
It was difficult to find anything but the smallest intact shell on the beach, and few of those. I wonder if the sand is simply the accumulation of thousands of years of sea shell degeneration from the movement of water forcing a sanding effect.
In line with the shell thought, rocks were also in small supply, and the one found was polished quite well. There must be a certain quantity of powdered rock in the mass of sand.
Clocks are supposed to run at the same rate day or night, week day or weekend. Why does the time go so quickly when having fun?
Anniversaries are enjoyable. It is wonderful to be with someone with whom I can share my thoughts securely – it is good to be vulnerable and safe.
There are poor drivers all over this state.
At least we don’t drive like they do in Russia. (Check out the car cams and be thankful) …at least most of the time…
Having a good circadian rhythm wrecks havoc with the idea of “sleeping in.”