Spouseinbox and I went to the beach yesterday morning. The air was warm, the water cold, but it did seem to warm to a comfortable level once we were immersed. From our walk the previous night to the morning, the tide delivered many, no lets say tons of seaweed to the beach. A thick carpet lined the little rise between the compacted sand where the cars can drive, and the wet sand showing markings of high tide. This seaweed was brown of a couple shades, yellow in spot, and had small balls attached towards the middle stems. I was thinking something like the nitrogen gathering balls noted in some roots. It was not slimy, it was pokey. When it brushed the backs of the legs, the instant reaction, initially, was to jump. I finally had enough experience to grab and toss. Besides the carpet on the beach, there were many companions in the water wondering where their relatives went, I guess.

The water was salty, which I guess is proper for the ocean. It’s interesting how salty. We were discussing the flavor and I had to observe that the sea animals have to have an interesting cell membrane to withstand the incredible osmotic pressure out there. Also, consider the difference between volumes of the sea vs fresh water. That which we enjoy is a miniscule portion of the water on this globe.

As the morning progressed and additional visitors joined the carpeted view, we were treated to a friendly, though unwittingly destructive force in the form of a canine. This fellow was black, had a massive tongue hanging to the side and was completely drenched with the hair hanging down dripping results from his latest dip. Spouseinbox and I had just removed ourselves from the water to enjoy a caloric break when this fellow approached, dropped a piece of driftwood behind spouse in box, and let out a single bark. This was not understood by spouseinbox, and I was having protective thoughts considering our sandwiches. My thoughts were placed appropriately, just not in the right venue. This character picked up the driftwood again, came around spouseinbox, and dropped it on my sandwich. He looked at me with eyes crying – please. So I obliged him and threw the wood the best I could with the wrong hand. Then I had to discard the cheese, tried to save the tortilla which I probably should not have done as it was rather gritty. His attempts were in such friendly earnest, I couldn’t be mad at him. It reminded me of a video.

Once I decided I was baked enough, we started out of the water. Spouseinbox looked at a black spot and stopped me. we waited for the next wave, and then I saw it as well and retrieved what appeared to be an old snap-off lid to a bottle that had become encrusted with black hard substance mixed with pieces of shell. While looking at this I noted a white spot towards the outside rim which I assumed to be a bubble of air coming from a hollow inside core. This idea was abandoned a moment later when the white spot protruded legs and appeared to be a crab about the size of the head of a pin. I returned him to the water.

That just reminded me of another piece of trash. There are trash bins and signs around to say “do not litter.” We spied a white lid about the size of a 1 pound butter container under the water. I retrieved the same with the intent of utilizing the white garbage can, but changed my mind and threw it back into the water. Under the lid in the depression where the lid would pass over the lower container, there was a mollusk of some sort. I wanted to say clam, but am unsure about its actual designation other than it was connected to the lid, and sent out a tongue from between the shells when in the air. I decided to give him another chance, at the risk of appearing like I was littering.

All in all, it was a pleasant morning, and I am sitting here feeling like an old time wall radiator as the heat is coming off my shoulders. At least it was not enough to make sleeping uncomfortable. Spouseinbox remarked, “Imagine if we had not worn sunscreen.” Painful thoughts entered. I’m glad we are just having a bit of heat.