Siblinginbox sent me some links. I like descriptions that dig to the bottom of an issue and this one was a gem. A couple of copies to whet your appetite:

As I have recently explained in theoretical terms, the very nature and purpose of compulsory public education is to soften the minds of each new generation for the tyrannical “paradigm shift” to be put into practice once that generation becomes the voting public. Here is an all-too-perfect practical instantiation of my argument. No governing document, and no natural rights theory, will be any match for the majority opinion issuing from a generation raised according to the “all guns are evil” principle.

Submission to the collective is the goal. Seen from that perspective, it is quite logical to try to make children self-conscious about how they eat their Pop Tarts, lest they appear to be “threatening” society. Notice, they are not actually threatening any person; their threat, being imaginary, is abstract. It is a threat to “other students” in the abstract, to the collective. The child is learning to feel guilty if he catches himself in possession of thoughts unacceptable to the state as such; that is, he is learning to submit.

Besides the present goal of overthrowing our present government, these progressives think long term. They are after the minds of the children. Philosophically, this is where the battle really is, because once the child is raised by parents with a certain mindset, the progressives are behind the 8-ball. That is why their impressive push to control education. There was an observation by Thomas Sowell (I believe) who said that if disclosing information of sexual items was the intent, it would only take a few short classes to present the facts. The only reason they are taking 12 years is they are trying to alter the training provided by the parent. Expand this subject line to the remaining possible subjects and you are close to the picture of education indoctrination today.