Last week, spouseinbox and I were getting ready for a trip to the coast. I took it upon myself to try and get the trees watered while we were gone and decided the best way was a timer and hoses to each one. By dividing the yard into three areas, I figured that it would take three timers to care for each. The two in front would have a hose with a splitter between them, so they could be on a single timer. The three roses which were not planted yet could be on a drip hose. The Redbud tree in the corner and the peach tree could be on one run from the back so that nothing would run over the driveway. The apple trees were taken care of by the condensation from the air conditioner, so they were not even considered. Distances were measured and I arrived at Lowe’s with measurements and a generic plan what needed to be done. After selecting equipment and going to the cash register twice as they had mismarked the hoses, I finally left the store and performed a mad dash to get all the hoses assembled and running before we took off for the mini-vacation. I grabbed clamps from a Christmas gift, tied hoses and the T’s to them and set the timers at the best guess I had for the amount of water needed each evening. When we returned, we discovered it had rained each day except one.