I just had a couple thoughts for this morning:
1.) Happy Father’s day to the most maligned sex in the media today. Happy Father’s day to those who soldier on anyways doing what you are designed to do – care for your families. Thank you for your commitment to others and the sacrifices you make to bring up the next generation into the fear and admonition of the Lord. Thank you for maintaining your work and giving to your families, even when called lazy, unthinking, dolts and whatever else derogatory the culture may place in your way. Thank you for being the soldier who fights this battle, in your corner of the culture to show what real love from the male perspective is.
2.) We are recovering from the sun exposure from last weekend and are peeling in certain areas where those photons did their work. Most of the peel is small and hard to get with the fingernails. I had an inspiration this morning and tried the lint roller. It did pull up the edges nicely. Time to peel. 🙂
3.) A new crab joined our tank a couple of nights ago. He was missing this morning. Houdini the Second, was discovered presumably enjoying the algae in the best supply area the tank afforded – the filter.
I guess it’s time to clean the filter.