We have three bird feeders out back hanging on the porch. Two of them are for seed, and the last is sugar water for the hummingbirds. As the month progressed, expenses forced the seed purchase to wait until next month. There was plenty of sugar, so the supply for the hummingbirds continued. Not too much time passed until we noticed that the level of sugar water was getting lower faster than a 2 gm bird could do. We started watching and noticed that sparrows and some red chested bird found the sugar water. They were joined by an oriel:
oriel on feeder
That explained the quickly lowering level of sugar water, however, at noon today we had another twist.
The hummingbirds were trying to get to the feeder and were being driven away – by a wasp. I went out back with a fly swatter to try and knock him down and then step on him. It didn’t happen. My single swat hit a bit of air and the wasp went back to sipping. After work, I had had enough and pulled out the big guns. I got a wasp spray and started a new set of sugar water then sprayed the wasp. I wasn’t enough to kill him/her, but the bug flew away, and I cleaned out the feeder and prepared a new supply, so we’ll see if the scare was enough.