July 2013

At training, the company offers a dinner for the longer sessions to help build a team spirit. They pick a nice restaurant in the area and offer a couple of entree choices. I have spouseinbox here and was informed it was for employees only. The decision wasn’t hard. “Y’all have a pleasant evening, we are heading out.” We did. The first place that looked interesting was a burrito place which we had frequented previously. We chose that one and I remembered that they had a back patio where the “music” was not quite as loud. We had a burrito dinner flanked by three squirrels and then a crow. They had apparently become used to a combination of being kicked, and fed. I make that judgement because any foot or body movement led to a quick departure from the proximal location. Once we were still, they would approach slowly again. One came closely enough to take a piece of chip from spouseinbox’s hand. It was reported that the squirrel’s nails were rather sharp. I wasn’t that adventurous and tossed chips a few feet away. This led to an interesting observation – if the squirrel saw the chip land, s/he would immediately grab it. If not, would search around for it even if in close proximity and plain sight. The crow gave a chance to observe interspecies rivalry and showed the squirrels were rather aggressive about letting the crow received a piece of chip. This crow was not as daring as the squirrels, and stayed back a bit. I would toss a piece of chip and then see the squirrel who was still eating the previous piece, move and stand next to the newly tossed piece to keep the crow away. Animals do emulate childhood behaviors quite well, or maybe it’s the opposite.


On a street north of our hotel there was a strip mall. There were several retail businesses present, but two caught my eye: The Casket Company and two doors away: Boxes to Go

In the elevator: “when flashing help is on the way” – oh the lack of punctuation.

Some time back (actually about last November) I wrote about the pathetic customer service I received, or in this case did not receive from Home Depot. I just wanted the public to be aware. After all, you work for your money and should be cognizant of how businesses who would treat your time and energies. I decided that telling about a good experience by name would also be reasonable. Spouseinbox and I are going across Texas towards Big City where I will have to take 3 days of training. (Yea for me – I get paid to sit in a room for three days. The plan is that I will come out smarter.) We decided to take this time as a little weekend for ourselves and left as soon as possible post Friday. My old phrase from the assembly line days at Honda was – “for those who don’t believe in the resurrection, just stand on Route 33 at 3:15.” I’m afraid we met that criteria. Anyways, we did so without attracting any law enforcement so all is well. Supper was had in Brownwood, Tx. There is a place there called Underwood’s. I like their business model. Meals are priced by the entree with cobbler and drink included. For $14, I got 2 entrees, a spoon of each of their veges, skipped the salad, small cherry cobbler, glass of Mountain Dew, and the servers came around the tables offering fresh rolls and tea. There was a knife included in the silverware set, but I didn’t use it except with the butter on their roll. supper

Post the Zimmerman trial, we got blessed with a barrage of the “n” word, and how it was all right for certain individuals to utilize it. There was a discussion of the changed ending of this word and how that was better than the original usage employed by Mark Twain. The radio talk personalities had moments in this discussion on its usage and how they (whoever was speaking) would never use that term.
I took the thoughts and placed them in my mental crock-pot for a few days until a certain image emerged for me. I remember back in early elementary school how we were presented with the idea that this nation was a melting pot for many cultures to come and contribute their best making our culture better. By the time I reached high school, this idea of melting pot was abandoned for the idea of multiculture where every culture was on equal footing, with none any better than any other. Dr. Sowell wrote an excellent book on this subject “Race and Culture” where he in detail nukes that concept. Just for a postage stamp of it, consider our number system. We use Arabic numbers instead of Roman numerals. Why? Because the Arabic number system is better. Period. They are not equal. The concept of multiculture is a lie presented for a political agenda.

Let’s consider, for a moment, food:

However, besides these common cultural symbols, many nations boast of “exotic” foods that are native to a region or a people. For example, Westernised nations may balk at eating a crisply fried Tarantula, but these giant spiders are a staple diet among Amazonian tribes. Or how about a plate of fresh bull’s testicles? A delicacy in Spain, it might well be considered unpalatable in other countries. Here’s a look at the “delicacies” that you will find on food plates around the world.

Note for that sentence – “A delicacy in Spain, it might well be considered unpalatable in other countries.”
That is the identity of this group – they will eat this, and no one else will. They are distinct in their culture according to what they eat. This identity according to palate is available in every country on the planet. Incidentally, our food characteristic is peanut butter. Interesting, I had not thought of being the only ones in the planet to eat this. Anyways, I am applying this same thought to the use of the “n” word.

The “n” word is utilized by the blacks in this country and forbidden to anyone else. If anyone else touches it, there is “H” to pay. I view this as one characteristic utilized to divide the blacks into their own culture which others may not enter. For the blacks, it is also the defining characteristic used, instead of character, in defiance of Martin Luther King’s wishes. If that sounds like too much of a stretch, consider this article on a teacher describing blacks in school. Actions described here further clan identification. Note the usage of music and exclusion of anyone who differs. The goal is to create a tribe. Usage of terms like nigg@ are markers of tribe identification.

Take a moment to consider the importance of tribe identification. There is a byline of a blog I frequent: The Smallest Minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities. – Ayn Rand The reason for tribal identification is simple: it’s easier to herd a family of dogs, than cats. Those who maintain individual thought are the hardest to control. Note the usage of Jews for Hitler. They were a tribe to which he could ascribe all the evils of the armistice from WW1. This produced an easy paradigm similar to the idea presented by Marx where there would be a struggle between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat. Islam has the struggle of them against everyone else. Each of these ideologies pits the group against the group. The individual is not even considered unless in the context of assisting the group. The uselessness of the individual can be seen in their treatment of individuals who don’t follow the group lead.

The government is the only entity with the size to referee any disputes between large groups of individuals and is needed more for interventions if the population can be treated in that fashion. George, who has an argument with Fred is not a problem requiring intervention of government, presenting a situation that can even be solved by Joshua who is a good negotiator. At that level, government is not needed. An entire population deprived of *molasses* by an associated population is exactly a situation allowing government intervention. Therefore, finding the situation where the greatest number of people are affected is the greatest boon to growth and power of government. (As a side note, I will recognize that there are race baiters making a fortune for themselves by agitating the various populations.)

I have already mentioned two entities utilizing groups – socialists and muslims. Remember what I mentioned earlier about our Mr. Zero. He was born to a communist, raised a muslim, then mentored by a card carrying communist. Group identity is his background and forte. The actions of muslims are not a mystery to this man. For all the radio talk-heads speaking how incompetent this guy is, they are ignoring the fact that this individual grew up as a muslim and understands that mindset better than any detractors I have heard. Consider, for a moment, that what he has done and said are not from ignorance, but rather from malice. Consider that by destabilizing the middle east, the natural instincts of muslims would arise and take them closer to a caliphate – the ultimate goal of islam. Consider that the same mindset is at work here – using race, instead of muhammad as the stimulus for fomenting a particular group. If not to stimulate group identity action, why else would a national figure involve himself in a local individual affair most properly handled by local authorities?

I work with diabetics providing testing and insulin as needed. One patient had a new glucometer which included a voice. The meter was rather polite. It said hello, the strip was placed in the unit, instructed to add blood, and reported the result. All this was reasonable, especially for those with poor eyesight. The intriguing part was the moment when the strip was removed from the machine to be disposed. The machine, at this point, would wish the user a “nice day.” That is a nice sentiment, but received from a machine programmed to say the same thing at the point of stimulus made me think how hollow the sentiment actually was – in that context. Receiving that sentiment from a person would be much more pleasurable as the person could choose how to address the ending of the contact and thus provide an individual thought for the situation. The repeated phrase would still have some additional value as the provider has the option of choosing which sentiment to say. The machine has no choice and as such becomes a vehicle for a more empty feeling set of sounds.
BTW, I received a call from a car company from which I had purchased a tire. It was a computer asking for an analysis of my experience there. I hung up as the usage of the computer shows they really didn’t want to know. Maybe I could set up my cell phone to call in a reply to their computer…that’s an interesting thought.

Do you want to disturb the monitoring of the government? Turn your house into a Faraday cage. You will have to give up TV to do so, but that’s a little sacrifice. Oh, the internet also. That would be more severe of course.

I was in a patient’s home and noted a poster on the wall. It had a picture of Zero in a serious pose with the finger pointed and the caption, “Fate is not what someone chooses, it is given.” I found the sentiment creepy, uncomfortable, etc., then started thinking about Zero and his upbringing. He was born to a communist with a Kenyon as a father, raised as a muslim, and mentored by a card carrying communist. All of these were under the care of his mother, and as such “given to him”. He also received a favorable letter allowing admission into Harvard, and a questionable history with associates of Valerie Jarrett. I can accept him receiving direction and having little input at his early years, but once an adult, all his decisions belong to him. We have the most corrupt administration this country has ever seen. Violations of most of the bill of rights are committed regularly from the top to the town police. These is not mistakes or poor guiding through the seafoam on the beach left from life’s waves. This is the result of active decisions on the part of the media to promote this kind of corruption, and the population accepting this as normal political life.

What troubled me more was the understanding that this sentiment was directed at those of use at the end of that finger. We are the ones given fate by someone else. We are the ones who are supposed to correctly respond to the directions provided by someone else. Remember the formation of communism and you have an idea who believes themselves capable of providing the needed direction – fate – to the rest of us. *shudder*

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