I have heard a bit on the radio about the win for homosexual “rights” and celebrations here and there. Any time there is a contest and someone wins, someone also loses. I pondered this for a moment and was spurred by a commentator who noted that both cases had similar problems, and were treated differently. The prop 8 from California was not considered because the defendants were not present and thus those present had “no standing.” In a similar vein, the DOMA was brought up and refused to be defended by Zero and his minions. This was defended by the House representatives and allowed to go forward. Interesting that one would be stopped and the other passed, unless the outcome was what was desired and those actions were used to provided the wanted outcome, not the judicial outcome.
The Prop 8 case was denied per a single judge meaning the voice of the population in an election was overturned by a single individual, and this was upheld by the supremes. The DOMA was a law agreed to by congress and signed by Clinton, and ignored by the present regime. It was overturned (at least the relevant section 3) meaning that the government is no longer required to follow the rule of law. The government officials can choose which they want to enforce and which constitutional provision *in the case of California) to enforce or ignore – with the blessing of the court. The real loss, was the rule of law.