Happy Fourth of July to the one nation that was founded on an idea, rather than on race, color, etc. That idea has been under attack in the hallowed halls of government for some time now and I felt it is time to remind those representatives and the ones placing them in positions of power of the first phrase of the second paragraph of our declaration: “We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator…”
Are there “self-evident” truths accepted now? I’m entirely afraid that we have a good segment of the population who would accept the notion that the sun sets in the morning if a certain politician said so – true believers who have no independent thought following politicians and a media who say whatever they please to try and turn the greatest number of electorate to a certain point of view no matter the truth. Political correctness has infested the realm of education such that saying something obvious is no longer tolerated allowing a lie to be propagated under the false notion of being non-offensive.

We fought a civil war to finish the concept presented here that “all men are created equal” and are in the situation that politicians and the ruling class have created their own level of class. George Orwell pointed out in Animal Farm this concept – everyone is equal. Some are more equal than others. I have had a hard time listening to these so-and-so’s speak as 1.)I know they are lying when the lips move, 2.) I hear how they have to work for the good of the American people. Excuse me! How about getting the jackbooted government off our necks and let us take care of ourselves? I am every bit as able to handle my own affairs as you are yours. I don’t need a program, bureaucrat, agent of this government telling me my affairs. That can only come from those who believe that they are in a better place to tell others how to live – they are more equal than others.
When was “Creator” last acceptable in public life? We have a media and government set to remove any mention of a power greater than ourselves with the goal of placing themselves at the pinnacle where God belongs. After all, if one admits to believing there is a God, there must necessarily be requirements in one’s behavior because of that belief.

I have stayed away from writing on this recently, as it is emotionally troubling to document the demise of our culture. Part of me sees there is a bigger picture in Revelation of “end times” coming which requires this sort of behavior, but being one of the ones to go through it was not in my life’s plan. There was a last book of the Narnia series called the Last Battle where the king at the time realized that he was to go through the destruction of the world. There was no hiding, no whining. He said let it be and behaved with honor. We know there is no honor in our government now, so it is up to us to hold that torch and demand better. We are the ones who will behave with honor. So from that perspective, I wish you a happy fourth of July from the nation founded on an idea.
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