Spouseinbox and I had quite a weekend. We installed about 50 feet of cedar privacy fencing and assisted in painting a road on the concrete at church in the kids’ play-yard. I then asked for donations of tricycles from the congregation. At least some other teacher has to supervise the newly christened vehicles on this enclosed track. The entire piece doesn’t appear large – just about 10×13 feet, but this was the first time I got to paint concrete and follow all of the treatments making it quite the experience. Another member of the church assisted quite a lot on this project, so I will present credit and thanks here. Back to the concrete. The area was rough concrete fenced into a corner of the brick building and bordered on the outside by a chain link fence. The children’s director thought it would be nice to have the kids ride on a road and I set about to make that road happen. The first direction was to treat and clean the concrete which was a bit easier as this was not a garage where any oil had a previous existence. This involved quite a bit of scrubbing and spraying the concrete of the foam developing after pouring the treatment. The instructions read to keep cleaning off all of the foam. Wow. It did linger. We finally got the water to spray clear and went to breakfast while the treated concrete got to dry in the morning sun. The next task was primer which went on the shade of milk and dried clear. It actually looked like nothing was there. As for the directions, they had an interesting concept of what “amber” looked like. We let this dry for a while, then went to applying paint. This was done after putting down the blue painter’s tape. The tape worked well, and as I learned later, this was the only surface in the project that would allow it to stick. The member of the church and I took turns at the roller and ended up with two acceptable coats on the road relatively within the lines. After all, being in the lines is the prerogative or maybe obligation foisted on preschoolers, so we applied that requirement to ourselves and did rather well. Spouseinbox and I returned a few hours later to apply the white boarders and striped line to the center. This is when I discovered that the tape would not stick. I was thinking of being smart and applying it over the paint to only have to utilize one more strip of tape and then pull up both once finished. The tape had other ideas. It was like applying a piece of paper to a table. Set it down. Pick it up. There was no adhesion whatsoever. Freehand ho! I even tried to cut a rectangle from a cardboard box for the center line only to have the paint bleed around the hole and lose the clean edge line I was seeking. Again, freehand ho. (Note the loss of exclamation) Anyways, the paint occupied appropriate locations on the concrete, and I am happily anticipating the traffic jams coming in the future which I will not have to supervise. I’m taking the grandparent’s approach. Spoil, the send them home. In my case, provide the tools, then get out of the way and watch the teacher.

What can I say about the fence. Well, it was a lot of digging. The panels are relatively straight, and all we lack to apply is the gate once the concrete hardens in the last 4 holes. This is in front of the previous fence at the back of the house providing us a small private yard. Spouseinbox has already mentioned hot-tub. We’ll see. I’m just happy to have in the fence at this point. In another week, I’m sure the blisters will be resolved. That’s with gloves – for the record.