I was in a patient’s home and noted a poster on the wall. It had a picture of Zero in a serious pose with the finger pointed and the caption, “Fate is not what someone chooses, it is given.” I found the sentiment creepy, uncomfortable, etc., then started thinking about Zero and his upbringing. He was born to a communist with a Kenyon as a father, raised as a muslim, and mentored by a card carrying communist. All of these were under the care of his mother, and as such “given to him”. He also received a favorable letter allowing admission into Harvard, and a questionable history with associates of Valerie Jarrett. I can accept him receiving direction and having little input at his early years, but once an adult, all his decisions belong to him. We have the most corrupt administration this country has ever seen. Violations of most of the bill of rights are committed regularly from the top to the town police. These is not mistakes or poor guiding through the seafoam on the beach left from life’s waves. This is the result of active decisions on the part of the media to promote this kind of corruption, and the population accepting this as normal political life.

What troubled me more was the understanding that this sentiment was directed at those of use at the end of that finger. We are the ones given fate by someone else. We are the ones who are supposed to correctly respond to the directions provided by someone else. Remember the formation of communism and you have an idea who believes themselves capable of providing the needed direction – fate – to the rest of us. *shudder*