Some time back (actually about last November) I wrote about the pathetic customer service I received, or in this case did not receive from Home Depot. I just wanted the public to be aware. After all, you work for your money and should be cognizant of how businesses who would treat your time and energies. I decided that telling about a good experience by name would also be reasonable. Spouseinbox and I are going across Texas towards Big City where I will have to take 3 days of training. (Yea for me – I get paid to sit in a room for three days. The plan is that I will come out smarter.) We decided to take this time as a little weekend for ourselves and left as soon as possible post Friday. My old phrase from the assembly line days at Honda was – “for those who don’t believe in the resurrection, just stand on Route 33 at 3:15.” I’m afraid we met that criteria. Anyways, we did so without attracting any law enforcement so all is well. Supper was had in Brownwood, Tx. There is a place there called Underwood’s. I like their business model. Meals are priced by the entree with cobbler and drink included. For $14, I got 2 entrees, a spoon of each of their veges, skipped the salad, small cherry cobbler, glass of Mountain Dew, and the servers came around the tables offering fresh rolls and tea. There was a knife included in the silverware set, but I didn’t use it except with the butter on their roll. supper