At training, the company offers a dinner for the longer sessions to help build a team spirit. They pick a nice restaurant in the area and offer a couple of entree choices. I have spouseinbox here and was informed it was for employees only. The decision wasn’t hard. “Y’all have a pleasant evening, we are heading out.” We did. The first place that looked interesting was a burrito place which we had frequented previously. We chose that one and I remembered that they had a back patio where the “music” was not quite as loud. We had a burrito dinner flanked by three squirrels and then a crow. They had apparently become used to a combination of being kicked, and fed. I make that judgement because any foot or body movement led to a quick departure from the proximal location. Once we were still, they would approach slowly again. One came closely enough to take a piece of chip from spouseinbox’s hand. It was reported that the squirrel’s nails were rather sharp. I wasn’t that adventurous and tossed chips a few feet away. This led to an interesting observation – if the squirrel saw the chip land, s/he would immediately grab it. If not, would search around for it even if in close proximity and plain sight. The crow gave a chance to observe interspecies rivalry and showed the squirrels were rather aggressive about letting the crow received a piece of chip. This crow was not as daring as the squirrels, and stayed back a bit. I would toss a piece of chip and then see the squirrel who was still eating the previous piece, move and stand next to the newly tossed piece to keep the crow away. Animals do emulate childhood behaviors quite well, or maybe it’s the opposite.