As memory serves me, Chuck Colson showed one person one FBI file. The response was jail time. Twenty years later, Hillary Clinton is caught with 700 FBI files. After 14 years of legal wrangling, let me introduce you to our former secretary of state. Quite a difference from prison time, isn’t it? Now, a few years hence from that controversy, I get a letter presented to me from mominbox that was a reply to her from our congress critter. He claimed to be on the oversight committee of security and assured us in bold type that nothing improper was happening with our private information. They were being very careful to look only at the numbers dialed and connections without collecting the content of communication and further gathering was overseen by a judicial panel. Lastly, they were authorized to collect the data by the Foreign Intelligence which allowed monitoring of foreign connections. I read this supposedly reassuring letter and was quite put out. Since when was the indigenous population of a country considered foreign? Before we go on, consider that thought for a moment and realize what they consider the people who elect them and serve under the laws they pass. It is considered all right to them to monitor all our associations under the auspices of a Foreign Intelligence law. Fourth Amendment be *(^#%. If I am foreign, then you have no right to be passing laws I am expected to follow. Further, if I am foreign, stop taking my money for your pet causes and vote buying schemes. If I am foreign, you may leave my country and go where ever you feel is your place of origin and leave me alone. I would appreciate being able to elect a representative who considers this and the population part of his/her country, who believes their job is to represent the interests of the people, not the governing class, that his job is to protect the opportunity of the population to individually seek joys and responsibilities of life with as little interference from the government as possible, who considers the bureaucracies a pox on the American dream and communist and muslim philosophies antithetical to the founding idea of America and responds accordingly. If you are foreign to those ideas, you may leave. Thank you.