Spouseinbox and I took a trip to Big City, Texas for a class I had to take for work. I took a little extra time so that we could enjoy a few days together before and after the class had occurred. This worked out well, time wise, as well as finding a really nice B&B. On the return trip, we were in a hotel which served breakfast in a common area near the lobby. This consisted of several continental items with addition of coffee and three kinds of juice. There was a small amount of fruit and a TV hung high on the wall with the morning’s entertainment with which to eat breakfast. This morning, the entertainment was the sentencing trial of the three girl kidnapper. Over coffee and sweet bread we heard how he chained a girl up, duct taped her mouth, and left her chained to a pole in the basement. then repeatedly raped her and when she (or maybe it was another girl) became pregnant, beat her in the stomach until she miscarried the baby. Multiply this by 10 years. Let’s just say this was not an appetite stimulant. I did have a few thoughts in retrospect:
1.) this is on the TV as entertainment? How about news? Wouldn’t it be more appropriate to simply announce the verdict once finished, rather than chance the alteration of testimony/behavior that a camera brings? Maybe broadcast the punishment as a notice to others, but this seemed out of place for a camera to be.

2.) The lady police officer used the term “lost her baby,” in a court case. Doesn’t she know that per the feminists, this was simply a nonviable lump of tissue? Note the deafening silence from them on this subject.

3.) Per the 8th amendment of the Constitution, there is a prohibition against “cruel and unusual punishment”. This has translated into three times a day meals, medical care, access to libraries, job training, work-out rooms, and out of prison work details. How about punishment that fits the crime?

I have a mental picture of what would be appropriate, but it would not pass the “cruel” prohibition of the Constitution.

*Update* I showed this post to an individual I know who works in a jail here in Bug City, Tx. I was informed that I was very mild compared to reality. Here, we taxpayers are providing inmates who do well enough to assist on the grounds with movies, popcorn, and angus burgers. After all, they worked in the heat of the day. UGGHHH!