Around the homestead, spouseinbox and I are trying to make things more to our liking. That involves an addition of a shed, plants, etc. I have the bright idea that the shed should reside on concrete in the ground rising up to a level where the water will not bother the wooden structure. You know what happens to those with ideas. I am digging in the ground to put in this concrete amid the Texas temperatures and bright sunshine. Therefore, the digging is interspersed with drink breaks and other forays into the house where the air conditioner is operating quite well. It makes me appreciate the toughness of our pioneers who did not have these luxuries. Well, digging in these holes also requires a digging bar as there is caliche present and the rock and stone are not conducive to easy removal with a post hole digger. I was starting to hit the caliche with the digging bar when I noticed something black move. I stopped and reached into the hole to save a cricket who decided to introduce himself into my work space. My comment was something like, “be glad you aren’t an ant,” as I had tried to use ants as targets for the digging bar. So anyways, the cricket hopped on his merry way and I took the moment to utilize another air conditioned break. Upon return, I started to use the digging bar again to notice a bit of brown like a rock move. That was interesting so I stopped again and found a toad. A Texas toad decided to join my work area. I picked him up and noted that he had a wound to his right leg. Better stated, he was missing his right leg. I must have chopped it off on the last swing. The fellow had bright eyes and was rather spirited – probably had a high adrenaline level – and I cupped him in my hands and called spouseinbox. Well, Stubby is now in a fish tank beside the guppy tank and I have learned that Texas toads like to dig. I am talking fully buried. Stubby picked the corner of the tank and is underground about an inch with no air hole. I was wondering if he would survive healing, and noted the other night noted that when the lights were out, there he (or she, I don’t know) was in the water dish soaking, so is still with us. We are waiting to see how he does, or looks the next time we find him out.