Spouseinbox and I both like cats. Once we had our own place, a feline joined the family. There are pictures of cats here and there and in the local lumbar yard was a figurine of a cat holding a welcome sign to be placed in the yard. It took up its abode in the flower bed beside the front door. Now this figurine was made of some thick plastic substance that looked nice, but was not very weighty and as such, spouseinbox decided to bring it into the house during one of those weird moments where clouds are overhead and some clear substance drops from the sky… Anyways, we are getting ready to go out and find some caloric substance when we notice Jake in the living room with a bottle brush tail starting to arch his back. I look around the living room and notice nothing out of place. Jake starts to inch down the hall and that’s when I realized what was happening. Of course I turn on the lights and grab the camera, but as I a not paying for video posting here, you get the thousand words instead. Jake menaced this statue, raised his paw at it, and even did his feline growl at it a couple of times. He would get no response, go back to the living room, and proceed to perform the actions again. Spouseinbox decided to help and went to the end of the hall, placed a cell phone behind the statue and started to play a sound recording of a cat purring. I interject, “you know you’re not helping.” It does seem that as long as spouseinbox is by the statue, Jake is all right to go down there and say hi. We think things are calm again and start to ready to leave – don’t forget those calories.
Jake starts again, and this time has the arched back and hopping sideways towards the statue. He got close this time, enough to paw its head, then back away. We put Jake in the bedroom and went to eat.
Upon return, Jake was released from confinement and we were treated to a sequel. Just like the sitcoms, he forgot to rewrite the script.