For those who still believe this is the land of the free, I offer the following links:
violation of 4th amendment
One that actually had a small amount of closure – 6 months later.
I know there are many more, but my BP is elevated enough at this point. What’s worse, I have a memory and know what it used to be like. Kids born in the last 25 years have no clue. What we have, for them, is the fish analogy – does a fish know it’s wet? Since they have never experienced freedom, there is nothing for a major percentage of this population to desire. Once the fecal matter starts to hit the oscillating air displacement device, there will be few who know for what to fight. Remember the military bill from a couple of Decembers ago where the government gave itself permission to detain anyone termed “terrorist” without charges and no trial? For anyone with a normal interpretation of “terrorist” look at what the left says a terrorist is: It may include groups and individuals that are dedicated to a single issue, such as opposition to abortion or immigration.”
(I tried to find one with a link to the actual document. Look at pg 5. Note that the left wing which does actual damage and groups like Occupy are not considered.)