I have had an eventful week. This typing is a result of being tired and having accomplished some tasks.
Earlier in the week, spouseinbox and I went to a nearby city to obtain those Italian Cyprus trees for which I received a decent deal. We picked up 4 of them as well as the material to transplant them: bedding and root stimulator.
Other issues including a flat tire kept the week interesting, so I finally approached the project today.
We live in a relatively new subdivision and the houses here were put in on a former farm using caliche packed and then topsoil placed on top. I attempted to dig through the caliche to allow the roots access to the dirt below. I was unsuccessful – and tired. Exhausted. Red faced. Sweaty. About halfway through, I took a break and lay on the living room carpet to allow my temp to return to normal as well as the pulse rate to lower to 72 again. Most of the afternoon was spent in this activity until there were 4 holes about a foot deeper than the rootball on the trees. I then placed some topsoil into the holes to make the dirtballs ground level or slightly higher and applied the root stimulator, then surrounded them with a packing material recommended by the nursery. Cynically, I could say it was recommended to increase the sales price, but I looked at the material list and there were many items listed which would help the powdery topsoil we have here.
The trees were finally finished by supper time. Yea! I enjoyed a tired, satisfied meal.

Another issue from today was the shocks on the truck. I had the feeling that the shocks were going out, and when a tire went flat, I looked at the wear and confirmed that it was definitely one problem. Prior to going to the tire store for repairs, I went to the auto supply and obtained a full set of shocks of the highest caliber they had in stock. After all, we were going to use this truck to haul wood for the shed, then to move everything from the rental garage, so I thought it was a good expenditure. Items in hand, I went to the tire store and requested a price for them to change the shocks, and I had a set handy. “Sorry, we cannot use customer supplies,” was the reply given. I was given a price however – $600 and some change. Let’s see, I picked up a full set of shocks of the highest quality carried for under $200 allowing $100 apiece to change them. That task was accomplished this morning within an hour and without an address to send the bill. It did seem good to tell myself that the change was worth 4 days at work (their price less my pay rate) done within an hour. Now, if I could only find some other activity worth $400 per hour and start working it…