As I sit here this morning, there is a feeling of sad disgust concerning the actions of the oligarchs in
Washington. Zero has stalled his attack on Syria for the Republicans to come back to town. Oh really!? What did it matter when Zero wanted to bomb Libya? Don’t you remember the 8 page letter sent in response to the violation of the War Powers Act which in essence said to go pound sand? Where is the respect from this Marxist who appoints a bureaucrat while the senate is in session and declares it a recess appointment? Where is the application of respect for the law and following the same in regards to all of those immigration laws which are not being enforced? Speaking of immigration, since the law is not being followed already, how on earth do you expect this Marxist to follow a new one? Oh, you don’t. It’s just giving permission to legalize tens of millions of future voters and establishment of a underclass. That is the desire. That is the plan. If you Republicans don’t oppose this with everything possible, you are simply proving your membership in the oligarch class of Washington. Back to the war. When is the only time Zero wants your input? When is the only time this Marxist desires your company? To him, you are that piece of tissue used to wipe the backside and transfer the crap from him. After so many experiences of this sort, why do you continue to allow yourselves to be utilized? It’s time to apply a bit of grit and turn into sandpaper on the roll because we all know he will still try to utilize the wipe. How about not making it so pleasant? Just a thought. I know he is a Marxist. How about you recognizing that fact?
It’s time to apply the rule of law. Period. Do you remember that phrase? I know it’s been a long time, but there are a few of us who still think in that nostalgic frame of reference where everyone was held to a particular standard – including the politicians – and their success in life was relative to how they applied their energies and principles and labor. What a concept to which to return!
Oh by the way, you will not receive a dime from this voter until I see some action in regards to the aforementioned areas. Show me a true conservative. Promote application of law – to everyone – and that means those cozy types, and once I see you actually act in that fashion, we can talk. Maintain the present course, and you become as appealing as that used tissue Zero is trying to make of you.