I realized the other day that there were four instances where one was given gifts. Let’s define “gift” first. That is something for which the person receiving said item has not worked for said item and receives it from someone else. Using the popular application of the term “gift” let me start with the obvious and mention Christmas and birthdays. These can be categorized in a celebration category. Those in a celebratory mood will provide gifts for others during that season/event. A football game with a crew over would be a similar time period.
Next, we have children. These are the ones to whom the parents are responsible and receive all their things from the parent. Technically, these can be gifts, but they are associated with the responsibility incumbent upon the parent to provide for the offspring until such a time as the offspring is able to take care of themselves.
I just thought of another – bird food. This is a gift given as something the birds appreciate and in return for the gift, the giver gets to watch the birds. We have out three feeders at our house.
Next, we have the application of gifts by hunters. The gift chosen is something liked by the chosen prey. The hunter provides this gift in the hopes that the prey will come to enjoy the free wares and be taken.
Lastly, we have the zoo. The animals there are completely provided for, with no cares of safety or hunger or the need to hunt for their keep. Again, they are given gifts for the purpose of making them objects of our observation.
When someone offers a gift, I believe it falls into one of these categories. It is for the obligation of the parent, observation of the giver, or captivity. (I know self serving givers also exist, but are there for the observation of the receivers)
When the government “gives” it is in the same fashion. Their gifts are in one of the categories and since they are not parents, it is either self serving observation, bait, or captivity. You decide.