I actually tried to avoid the news yesterday. I did listen to a few minutes of talk radio and was rather disgusted by the terminology presented there.
*Tragedy* – my friend’s trailer burning, my high school friend’s car being run over by a truck and losing his family, the earthquake in Haiti which killed thousands in falling buildings, loss of homes during the Texas wildfires, etc. What happened on 9/11, either year, was not a tragedy. It was an attack of muslims against our people. The muslims hijacked our planes, flew them into our buildings to kill our people because they saw a country that was weak. They attacked again because they saw opportunity to kill “infidels”. This was not a tragedy, this was an act of war and speaking of war, they have been having a civil war and want to tilt the scales in a particular fashion by manipulating the child trained muslim in the White House. In a word – NO. Let them kill each other. I do not find common cause with alqueda or the muslim brotherhood, even if Zero does. These are the people who killed our citizens on 9/11 and our enemies. Assistance is not required except if we are willing to turn the entire middle east into glass. Short of that, let them kill each other. Killing is their skill set. As for the media, stop calling it by a false description – that is propaganda.
Was I unclear in any way?