I heard from spouseinbox that N. Carolina had some sense and banned sharia law. Yea! Now where are you Texas? Come on, the place of the Alamo not ahead in this fight? I am slightly embarrassed. Anyways, I looked up the subject and found this link describing a couple of states and one where some judge overrode the will of the people (no surprise there) and called islam a religion. Let’s touch on this again for a moment. Islam is a totalitarian tribal ideology with a whitewash of religion to provide it the slime coat utilized by bacteria to cause infection. They hide in a coat of cells from the host (religion in this case) until they get the opportunity to overwhelm the host, then take over. Look at islam’s history. That is how they operate. It’s nice to see a few have recognized this fact and have started to take some mild measures to stem the tide. This is the initial dose of antibiotic. Not enough to rid the bacteria, but a start nevertheless.