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I would apply that sentiment to the remainder of the stuff they shove down our throats “for the children”. Let them send their kids to the public schools if they are so great. Let them put up with strangers knocking on their doors and examining how they clothe and raise their children. Let them experience unnamed strangers taking the lunch they made for their kid away, providing a poor substitute and then get charged for the experience. Let them have the IRS hound them for tax records and receipts with a real threat of prison or loss of personal effects. An idea of Neal Bortz, I think is wonderful – let them receive a set amount to run their office and then operate it within the rules they set for everyone else. They have to make payroll for their workers. They have to perform withholding. They have to put up the appropriate warning signs for various government approved hazards. They have to have their railings measured to 42″ or face a fine. Personally. Congress, if it is so good, you do it. If you don’t, how about using that measure for the rest of us? You realize that was a founding principle of how the government was to run – the lawmakers were to be required to live under the laws they passed upon leaving their post. I’m not holding my breath on this bunch of oligarchs.
*Update: how could I forget – they get their crotches and boobs squeezed at the airport. They have to get rid of their armed guards, because guns are so evil – not the people wielding them. I guess this list could continue ad-infinitum.