I guess that is the way to put my present state in the most succinct manner possible. Today was my last of on-call and today was rather interesting: let’s just say in the Chinese way as the curse that read “may you live in interesting times.” Part of it was a nurse behaving badly and having to rescue the patient’s situation from what the *_* individual did. You can add your adjective. I’m feeling all right though. There is another song in the works which is coming nicely with an accompaniment pretty much finished and a rewritten melody and harmony line just finished yesterday. I may tweak it a bit though, but am much happier with the new version. It makes use of the “Jaw bone” or the vibraslap.
There was a comment on a previous post I have been contemplating for a couple of days. I liked the push to evaluate and decided to approach what makes islam not a religion with my observation and thoughts on its application. The basic concept of religion is that which makes one closer to God, or for the non Christian types, that which focuses on the spiritual aspects of the individual. Items in this area constitute beliefs, philosophies and applications of those into life affecting the manner in which one interacts with others and their world. Ravi Zaccharias had a radio spot I heard some time ago describing a religious individual in India from where he came who was of a particular religion that forbade the taking of a life. This included life of animals or plants. It did recognize that people had to eat, and so allowed someone else to take that life and pass the results on to the adherent of the religion. The result was a beggar. Ravi noted that when one has a religion that doesn’t reflect reality, there is always placed an “out” where reality can peek through the frosted glass. I note this at the start so you know from the first illustration that I believe multiculturalism is a load of fertilizer incapable of providing even degraded nutrition to the growing seeds of thought. Cultures are not equivalent, neither are religions. There are those who approach the spiritual in a fashion applicable to real life, there are those who don’t. There are those who belong on an asteroid. Spouseinbox and I have experience in psych nursing. When one of these individuals starts speaking and sounds like a patient from the inpatient facility, there is something, let’s say, a bit off. Maybe the Abilify dosage needs to be reexamined. Make an appointment next week. Remember that when the light is green, the greater portion of the population will be seeking to drive through the light and only by generosity hit the brakes to avoid turning you into that aforementioned fertilizer.
The application of religion to life provides real insight into what the belief system allows in regards to reality. Those ideas bereft of applicability leave the adherents in the state of the tux suited pianist walking though a metal concert.
The individual has the choice to join the actions and appearance of those around or continue being different holding to their own presentation.
I have a good start, but it is past bedtime and I’m tired. This will continue later. Have a good night.