October 2013

While off at training, I was informed that Jake has maintained usage of the litter in the toilet. However, there was a distinction he was making. The urine was placed in the toilet pan and the stool was placed in the big litter box. I am guessing the next step will be to remove the big litter box and start daily cleanings of the small one in the toilet until he is using it regularly. The only down side to this consideration at this time is the wonder of where he will place it other than the small pan at the immediate time the box disappears. That is expressed by the question, “how confident am I that he will use the small pan at this time for everything.” My comfort level is about 40%, and may increase over time as his continued usage of the small pan is displayed.
On the encouraging side, we went to Sea World last weekend and saw several animal shows. One of them contained rats, cats, dogs, and birds. It was interesting to see them described and display a single training exercise of a cat who was supposed to run across the stage and into a small door. At the back of the door was a staff to provide the snack reward for a job well done. The cat didn’t want to come out of the carrier. They placed the carrier closer to the door, and the cat hopped out and went through the door. This was repeated two more times, each a bit farther from the door than the previous attempt. We are doing the same sort of procedure with Jake, and it’s good to see someone has had success training a cat.


I was sent to a sister office at a city a few hours from here. Two days of training went well with learning moments accenting the experience. The office was a nice building in a decent part of town with good road access and a small parking lot. The people working there were pleasant, helpful, friendly, and quite a nice group with whom to spend a couple training days. Noted were reports of really good nurses that gripe, patients who decline visits until the discharge, and other similar patterns which I chuckled realizing the similarities to my office. It occurred to me that the people were the same, no matter the zip code. That reminded me of a piece in Proverbs: “there is nothing new under the sun.” I had previously thought of cars, computers, cell phones, etc, but really this verse talks about people and there is no difference in the person from 5000 years ago. We still have the energetic, lazy, deceptive, manipulative, helpful, encouraging, and kind. I feel blessed to have been placed in a company showing more of the positive characteristics.

We were planning on a trip immediately after which I was to go to another city. Spouseinbox had the wonderful idea of me packing once for both trips to save the repack in between – when I have the few minutes at home before driving another 3 hours. So, I set out the clothes on the bed and went for an appropriate bag in which to place them. There was a backpack in the closet right behind the shoebox which looked handy, and was the appropriate size. I grabbed said article and returned to the bedroom. Spouse: “you want the one that has wheels and can roll.”
“You mean the one in the middle of the suit cases?” (Packed like Russian dolls)
“Why not this one?” (spoken while holding up the case)
“That one would be more convenient.”
(quizzical look) “More convenient than this?” I hold up the case that is presently in my hand.
“It would be better.”
I took the hint, placed the backpack in the closet again, and proceeded to pull apart the Matryoshka cases to obtain the luggage I am presently using. Of course, the curiosity factor spiked into the red region. I can say it didn’t rattle, and weighed about 5 pounds, and there was no shifting noted. I’ll be good and not look, but the temptation to peek is present – I’ll admit.

Several moons ago, I had a patient with a trained cat. Trained as in would use the toilet. No litter was needed with this feline. I decided that Jake was smart enough to perform this activity and save us the hassle of litter. It does require cooperation of the cat though. The instructions were to initially elevate the litter box to the level of the toilet and let Jake be there whenever the toilet was utilized by the humans. Then, placed Saran wrap over the bowl and sprinkle some litter there. Keep the Saran wrap there until Jake realizes that this is not an additional water bowl. The once behavior has been established, remove the wrap and let the feline use it with treats for success.
Now, real life. (I say that because…., well here we go.)
I elevated the litter box and took a couple of tries and two different boxes to get it reasonably placed. This was the easiest part of our trek. Jake already used the toilet as a step to get to the vanity, so placing his box that level wasn’t even an issue. Curiosity maybe, but definitely not an issue. Next step was to get the wrap on the bowl. I bought a new roll and started covering the bowl. Jake looked at the wrap and pawed it. A new water source was his next target. We fought this for a period of time and don’t forget, we are having to remove the wrap for ourselves. Jake doesn’t have his own place to use, so cooperation tolerance is the key. This activity went on a couple of weeks with better and worse compliance on our part installing the wrap and then leaving up the toilet lid for access. Then came Dollar Tree. Spouseinbox found a plastic bowl that with a little encouragement, would fit into the toilet under the ring. This has been the best find yet – and only a dollar. We have been keeping this bowl there for a week, and this has been much more efficient than the wrap. I also have been placing pieces of Jake’s output into this pan to hopefully provide the olfactory sense of what its purpose is. A couple of days ago, Jake was pawing in it, and this morning he deposited some urine there. Yea, for small successes. I am imagining that this process will take some time. Once we get more appropriate behavior trained, I will put up another update.

I watch little TV. I have movies that are utilized on occasion, but to sit for a commercial broadcast is rare. What I’ve discovered is that it had changed my senses. I was in a pt’s home the other day and an older version of the Cosby Show was playing. I remember this series as one I rather enjoyed over the years. This particular show had the young girl being brought home in a football outfit and the mom being persuaded to accompany them to the game. On return from the game, the mom is extremely excited at the incredible show this girl did in the football game. The conversation goes to the dad’s former exploits and does a humorous attack at the prowess of the dad during his time playing the same game. They joke about how the ball bounced off his head, but not really, it just hit his helmet. I didn’t see any more as the visit was over and I was on the way to the truck. What struck me was the dialogue praising the girl playing a boy’s game, and without batting an eye, tearing down a boy playing the same game. The second thought that struck was I may have even seen this earlier and didn’t notice the way the story line was playing. Now that I have been away from that influence, the story line seemed to jump out at me as a problem – in a popular entertainment show. I wonder how many others are just the same? (By the way, I’m not going to start watching to find out either.)

I was thinking on the obsession of muslims with covering their women entirely. I remember an article in the not too distant past telling that Saudi Arabia decided if the lady’s eyes were too pretty, she would have to cover them too.
Any woman not appropriately escorted or covered is subject to rape by whatever male is present and has such an inkling. There was another article last year (I think) which had a muslim telling how seeing any part of a woman was a knife to the heart. I beg to differ.
Many, many moons ago, we had a dog – a female dog. I remember having to explain the term “bitch” to kidinbox. That was a rather interesting conversation, I assure you. That creature, being female, went into heat. I think I met every male dog in the trailer park. They were jumping the fence, and on one occasion, didn’t make it all the way over and I had to pick up said male creature and release the caught foot from the fence. How did my female dog handle all this attention? Assembly line style, I believe. One suitor was just as good as the next, and once the task was done, the males were happy to leave. That gave me quite a picture of the official term “bitch” applied to a prostitute. It finally made sense.
When one considers the level of interaction that humans occupy, rules accompany behavior because we are to behave in ways “above” that of an animal. Delaying gratification, limits on sex to marriage, pairing up to raise young, enduring hardship for another purpose are all behaviors typified, or used to be typified and exalted by humans. Love had a level of physical and emotional attraction, but the behaviors associated expanded this term to self sacrifice, delayed gratification, desiring the best for your partner, etc. Each of these is a complicated behavior requiring consideration and behavior beyond that of an animal.

For a muslim to say that they cannot handle the appearance of a female, and when seen requires the response of rape, indicates to me that the philosophy of islam maintains their menfolk at the level of animals. They get to respond to the female in the same fashion a male dog does to one in heat. Note that the act of covering their women is an outward action, when the depravity in the male is left unchecked coming from the decisions and beliefs within. It is another sign to me that this philosophy is not really a religion, but rather a method to control people from outward pressures and dictates leaving the inward spirit languishing.

is 900,000 more miles and I’ll have a new truck.

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