The other night, I had a sweet tooth. Supper was good, and there was the desire for something more. We had vanilla ice cream, but that by itself did not catch my attention, then the creative pot on the back burner of my brain started bubbling with an idea – shakes.
Use 1/4 cup cocoa
1 cup sugar
shake salt
3/4 cup milk
put on medium heat and continuously stir. I boiled it about 15 minutes, until it reduced about 1/3 and no more than that, as I was making syrup, not fudge.
Spouseinbox had introduced me to the magic bullet – basically a single serve blender. Add ice cream to the blender, pour the syrup over the top and run the blender until smooth. I will say that for the cup and a half I had, it was very good, and very rich. Sweet tooth was satisfied.