As far as I am concerned, there is a 17% cut, or rather reduction in the federal government right now, so let’s increase it to 20% and remove all the expenses of the cops and barriers that have been used to inhibit individuals from our public lands. That’s my off the cuff thought. There was another that occurred to me from the back burner of my dendrites – lawlessness. When was the last time that retirees who had fought for this country, obeyed its laws, and contributed to its success were held in such a level of contempt that they would break “the law” and be held in detention, be arrested, and feel the need to oppose the government? Isn’t that the purpose of this entire engagement? Zero is creating an environment that the ones who supported and fought for this country can no longer support it. The deep down pride and joy of America has been shaken. I was considering this as a basis for action when siblinginbox sent me a link to this article. A particular comment caught my attention:

This is neither business nor personal, but constitutional. On multiple occasions the House has tried to pass LAWS to enact Obama’s executive orders, Obama has promised to veto the laws, and the Senate has killed them. This is a separation of powers crisis — Obama wants nothing more than to delay Obamacare, but only if it is done lawlessly, through an executive order, with the unopposed principle that Congress has no right to participate in the making of laws.
(emphasis mine)
The Democrats have shut down the freaking government to avoid passing a law which says that Congress and the Executive Branch have to follow the Obamacare law. This section is totally non-operative, idle chit-chat — the Congress and the Executive Branch ALREADY have to follow ALL of the clauses of ALL of the laws according to the Constitution. THAT is what is being fought over.

It’s not a question of WHAT the law is going to be, but the question at issue here is WHO makes them. They are called “lawmakers” for a reason, and Obama is trying to destroy our entire system of governance in order to prevent them from making laws — even when they are passing laws that are exactly the laws that he claims that he wants.

Maybe this is a two-for. Zero gets twice the bang for the action he is committing. Destruction at multiple levels and a propaganda machine covering every track.