I have been absolutely disgusted by the shutdown theater and the eventual cave, though through some reading, there was a comment that gave me a new way to look at the debacle:

If the GOP had held up the budget any longer there is no doubt this Obama regime would send the zombie hordes into the streets rioting for welfare. That would allow Obama to invoke emergency powers under the patriot act, suspend congress and act unilaterally in a “crisis” which would last – how long? The choice was the continuity of semi functional congressional oversight of a dangerous government or handing them unlimited power in a crisis management martial law scenario.

It is the height of myopic arm chair Quarterbacking to suggest the GOP opposition acted like wimps – they avoided having a dictator actually becoming one.

from here.
After reading this, it occurred to me that zero has wanted to become America’s first dictator and has behaved in a provocative manner to provide the impetus for such an act. He reminds me of the bully taunting, “go ahead, see what will happen,” and then boxes someone’s ears again.
What is interesting (in the disturbing way) is the number of individuals in the level of control by the government where riots could be initiated by the click of a mouse. I have a hard time imagining someone wanting to be in that state where someone else is in control of their caloric intake, but there are too many millions of examples to ignore. The level of depravity this kind of mindset provokes was experienced by me in Memphis many years back where I learned there were mothers who would take their kid’s lunch and put them out the door to go begging for food again. The present level of depravity is even lower now than what I experienced. I read the content and did not watch the video as it would probably have me wanting to jump through the monitor screen. Welcome to the end result of welfare – the destruction of the human soul.