I was thinking on the obsession of muslims with covering their women entirely. I remember an article in the not too distant past telling that Saudi Arabia decided if the lady’s eyes were too pretty, she would have to cover them too.
Any woman not appropriately escorted or covered is subject to rape by whatever male is present and has such an inkling. There was another article last year (I think) which had a muslim telling how seeing any part of a woman was a knife to the heart. I beg to differ.
Many, many moons ago, we had a dog – a female dog. I remember having to explain the term “bitch” to kidinbox. That was a rather interesting conversation, I assure you. That creature, being female, went into heat. I think I met every male dog in the trailer park. They were jumping the fence, and on one occasion, didn’t make it all the way over and I had to pick up said male creature and release the caught foot from the fence. How did my female dog handle all this attention? Assembly line style, I believe. One suitor was just as good as the next, and once the task was done, the males were happy to leave. That gave me quite a picture of the official term “bitch” applied to a prostitute. It finally made sense.
When one considers the level of interaction that humans occupy, rules accompany behavior because we are to behave in ways “above” that of an animal. Delaying gratification, limits on sex to marriage, pairing up to raise young, enduring hardship for another purpose are all behaviors typified, or used to be typified and exalted by humans. Love had a level of physical and emotional attraction, but the behaviors associated expanded this term to self sacrifice, delayed gratification, desiring the best for your partner, etc. Each of these is a complicated behavior requiring consideration and behavior beyond that of an animal.

For a muslim to say that they cannot handle the appearance of a female, and when seen requires the response of rape, indicates to me that the philosophy of islam maintains their menfolk at the level of animals. They get to respond to the female in the same fashion a male dog does to one in heat. Note that the act of covering their women is an outward action, when the depravity in the male is left unchecked coming from the decisions and beliefs within. It is another sign to me that this philosophy is not really a religion, but rather a method to control people from outward pressures and dictates leaving the inward spirit languishing.