I watch little TV. I have movies that are utilized on occasion, but to sit for a commercial broadcast is rare. What I’ve discovered is that it had changed my senses. I was in a pt’s home the other day and an older version of the Cosby Show was playing. I remember this series as one I rather enjoyed over the years. This particular show had the young girl being brought home in a football outfit and the mom being persuaded to accompany them to the game. On return from the game, the mom is extremely excited at the incredible show this girl did in the football game. The conversation goes to the dad’s former exploits and does a humorous attack at the prowess of the dad during his time playing the same game. They joke about how the ball bounced off his head, but not really, it just hit his helmet. I didn’t see any more as the visit was over and I was on the way to the truck. What struck me was the dialogue praising the girl playing a boy’s game, and without batting an eye, tearing down a boy playing the same game. The second thought that struck was I may have even seen this earlier and didn’t notice the way the story line was playing. Now that I have been away from that influence, the story line seemed to jump out at me as a problem – in a popular entertainment show. I wonder how many others are just the same? (By the way, I’m not going to start watching to find out either.)