Several moons ago, I had a patient with a trained cat. Trained as in would use the toilet. No litter was needed with this feline. I decided that Jake was smart enough to perform this activity and save us the hassle of litter. It does require cooperation of the cat though. The instructions were to initially elevate the litter box to the level of the toilet and let Jake be there whenever the toilet was utilized by the humans. Then, placed Saran wrap over the bowl and sprinkle some litter there. Keep the Saran wrap there until Jake realizes that this is not an additional water bowl. The once behavior has been established, remove the wrap and let the feline use it with treats for success.
Now, real life. (I say that because…., well here we go.)
I elevated the litter box and took a couple of tries and two different boxes to get it reasonably placed. This was the easiest part of our trek. Jake already used the toilet as a step to get to the vanity, so placing his box that level wasn’t even an issue. Curiosity maybe, but definitely not an issue. Next step was to get the wrap on the bowl. I bought a new roll and started covering the bowl. Jake looked at the wrap and pawed it. A new water source was his next target. We fought this for a period of time and don’t forget, we are having to remove the wrap for ourselves. Jake doesn’t have his own place to use, so cooperation tolerance is the key. This activity went on a couple of weeks with better and worse compliance on our part installing the wrap and then leaving up the toilet lid for access. Then came Dollar Tree. Spouseinbox found a plastic bowl that with a little encouragement, would fit into the toilet under the ring. This has been the best find yet – and only a dollar. We have been keeping this bowl there for a week, and this has been much more efficient than the wrap. I also have been placing pieces of Jake’s output into this pan to hopefully provide the olfactory sense of what its purpose is. A couple of days ago, Jake was pawing in it, and this morning he deposited some urine there. Yea, for small successes. I am imagining that this process will take some time. Once we get more appropriate behavior trained, I will put up another update.