We were planning on a trip immediately after which I was to go to another city. Spouseinbox had the wonderful idea of me packing once for both trips to save the repack in between – when I have the few minutes at home before driving another 3 hours. So, I set out the clothes on the bed and went for an appropriate bag in which to place them. There was a backpack in the closet right behind the shoebox which looked handy, and was the appropriate size. I grabbed said article and returned to the bedroom. Spouse: “you want the one that has wheels and can roll.”
“You mean the one in the middle of the suit cases?” (Packed like Russian dolls)
“Why not this one?” (spoken while holding up the case)
“That one would be more convenient.”
(quizzical look) “More convenient than this?” I hold up the case that is presently in my hand.
“It would be better.”
I took the hint, placed the backpack in the closet again, and proceeded to pull apart the Matryoshka cases to obtain the luggage I am presently using. Of course, the curiosity factor spiked into the red region. I can say it didn’t rattle, and weighed about 5 pounds, and there was no shifting noted. I’ll be good and not look, but the temptation to peek is present – I’ll admit.