While off at training, I was informed that Jake has maintained usage of the litter in the toilet. However, there was a distinction he was making. The urine was placed in the toilet pan and the stool was placed in the big litter box. I am guessing the next step will be to remove the big litter box and start daily cleanings of the small one in the toilet until he is using it regularly. The only down side to this consideration at this time is the wonder of where he will place it other than the small pan at the immediate time the box disappears. That is expressed by the question, “how confident am I that he will use the small pan at this time for everything.” My comfort level is about 40%, and may increase over time as his continued usage of the small pan is displayed.
On the encouraging side, we went to Sea World last weekend and saw several animal shows. One of them contained rats, cats, dogs, and birds. It was interesting to see them described and display a single training exercise of a cat who was supposed to run across the stage and into a small door. At the back of the door was a staff to provide the snack reward for a job well done. The cat didn’t want to come out of the carrier. They placed the carrier closer to the door, and the cat hopped out and went through the door. This was repeated two more times, each a bit farther from the door than the previous attempt. We are doing the same sort of procedure with Jake, and it’s good to see someone has had success training a cat.