I was sent to a sister office at a city a few hours from here. Two days of training went well with learning moments accenting the experience. The office was a nice building in a decent part of town with good road access and a small parking lot. The people working there were pleasant, helpful, friendly, and quite a nice group with whom to spend a couple training days. Noted were reports of really good nurses that gripe, patients who decline visits until the discharge, and other similar patterns which I chuckled realizing the similarities to my office. It occurred to me that the people were the same, no matter the zip code. That reminded me of a piece in Proverbs: “there is nothing new under the sun.” I had previously thought of cars, computers, cell phones, etc, but really this verse talks about people and there is no difference in the person from 5000 years ago. We still have the energetic, lazy, deceptive, manipulative, helpful, encouraging, and kind. I feel blessed to have been placed in a company showing more of the positive characteristics.