Let’s just admit it, nurses talk. We share stories and commiserate in joys, failures, and even have bragging moments – (“did you see that last cath? First time, easy as could be. I heard Joy missed last admit…”) Well, one other thing we talk about is the doctors. After all, we have to get our orders there, and are required to work under their restrictions. If you have a great doc, it’s a blessing of God. There are others who think they are the gift of God. I had an acquaintance who worked with one of these. Apparently, this one held the reputation out enough that when they had opportunity, the group playing the prank was composed of the nurses, EMS, and cops. The format was simple enough, the EMS would call in a report of some fatality they were bringing in for pronouncement, the nurse would write the report and the doctor would go to the ambulance to pronounce. I forget how the cops participated in this one. Sorry. Anyways, my acquaintance took position under the sheet and when the doctor started to lift it for the pronouncement, she would sit up and scream. The gift of God just about fell out of the ambulance trying to get away. It was effective. Very effective. Once was nice, how about a second time? Shift change for the doctors was near and they decided to do it again for the newly arrived doc. Similar scenario produced similar results. Things calmed down for a bit and the ER went back to normal operation when a funeral director arrived. He approached the desk and asked for a doctor to pronounce his person in the back. For some reason, each doc instantly had another location requiring their presence. The funeral director waited for about 2 hours to get his person pronounced.