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Anonymous said…

I remember asking a teacher in 4th grade why it was necessary to study history, civics, etc. She said “So if they ever try to take your rights away you will know and can do something about it.” My normalcy biased 9-year-old mind said in essence “Yeah, right – like that’s gonna happen.” I never imagined that I would live to see it come to pass. Now the kiddies are brainwashed with the value system of international socialism rather than educated in American History, History of Western Civilization (how ethnocentric don’t ya know), critical thinking, civics, etc. It is happening and they are blissfully unaware of what they are losing. Like hearing loss you don’t realize when you could no longer hear the wind, the birds, etc. The American Republic was not created to be a nation of the ignorant and indolent, so by the promulgation and rewarding of ignorance and indolence its destruction is assured.

I remember 31 cent gas, cookies and popcorn balls for halloween – homemade – and mom telling us to come home when she rang the bell. I also remember early in elementary school hearing about the melting pot, global cooling, and doing bomb drills in the hallways, in case there are those thinking the “old days” were all sweet and roses.