I have posited that the destruction of freedom in this country is bureaucracy. These are the lifetime people who get to decide interpretations of laws, and then enforce them on a population having no recourse against their actions. The concept of having elected officials was that their actions would bring consequences from the voters in the terms of their office term and later having to live under the laws they designed. Bureaucracy removes this check on the government. Oh, and one last thing – the government having the most to do in the lives of the individuals was originally to be the one closest to them. The local government was the one with which they would have the greatest dealings. Does anyone even know the names of their local reps? How about the state reps? How about the Federal representative? I would posit that more know that last individual, and it’s because the feds are dealing with issues not even considered by our Founders. Would John Adams consider having a Kathleen Sibeleus? One individual who is able to state policies allowing people to live and die. (Do you remember the girl needing the lung transplant?) These agencies have way too much influence in our lives and here is an example of how this plays out.