Here is an interesting article with an assertion contained within that received a mention and pass. Let me copy it here:

Vaclav Havel once complained that there were whole libraries written about the transition from capitalism to socialism, but not a single book about a transition from socialism to capitalism. Nobody thought that could ever happen. We had given up fighting long ago–and then, the Soviet monster suddenly died a natural death. As Margaret Thatcher famously said, socialism dies when it runs out of other people’s money. So it did in Russia, despite the entire world’s efforts to save it.

I will posit that the books describing the passage from socialism are those of our Revolution and the cries of ‘no taxation without representation.” We have the history of William Bradford to draw on, where socialism was tried, found lacking, and personal property was assigned to develop a capitalistic system allowing flourishing of the colony. Our very country has a history of this, which is why our history is not taught any more. No need letting our progeny know that we were a Christian nation founded on the philosophies contained in the Bible with all of the responsibilities therein. It is more valuable to the ruling elites to maintain a drug addled, video playing nonproductive population than allow people to develop their own potentials which may be different than the elites would approve. So let’s just tell the kids that Clinton’s impeachment was simply a result of the Republicans fighting against him, not a violation of law that he committed. Does anyone remember perjury and obstruction of justice? Ideas that leaders need to obey the same laws as us are suppressed in this present culture. (The previous illustration was from kidinbox’s textbook in school.) Let’s force children to “donate” their school supplies to the class as a whole to inculcate socialism from the earliest point possible.
Removal of history is a method of control for which our present Marxists are well practiced. In 1984, it is noted that who controls the history, controls the population. This also applies in education.