ht: From the Barrel of a Gun

Pay attention to the end of this video. Instead of leaving the philosophies that created the problems they are trying to escape, they bring them here. Let’s apply the same idea that used to be normal in the United States when I was a kid. You may come here if you do so legally, follow the rules, and accept our way of life. If you don’t like it here, you may leave. Go back to whatever hole you desire. I prefer the United States the way it was when I was a kid and could play anywhere in the block, up the street, at the park – without parents present, and be perfectly safe.
While I’m on that thought, it occurred to me that for a couple of decades there has been a push on the subject of trust. Those adults who are “strangers” cannot be trusted. Anyone you have never seen before, but has an official uniform is a trustworthy adult. Does that sound familiar? It just struck me that the kids are being trained that neighbors are not worthy of trust, but the government officials who are involved in the system trying to enslave us with regulations, surveillance, laws multiplying faster than fleas, are trustworthy.