For Christmas last year we received a vacuum sealer. This item sat for a while until we found a use for it. We would buy the large 10 pound rolls of ground beef and divide it up into 8 sections for later use. We started using the vacuum sealer and now this has developed into a routine. Take the 1/8 of the roll and place in the vacuum bag and operate the machine to remove most of the air and seal the bag. Next squish the ground beef as flat as hands can and then smooth with a rolling pin. The end result is a square of ground beef about 10″ which is about 3/4″ thick. They stack quite well in the freezer, and thaw in a matter of minutes in hot water.
One more task I have discovered is that this unit can reseal cereal bags. I don’t eat a lot of cereal, so once the bag is open, it remains that way for a while allowing chance of developing old flavor to opportunity for bugs to gorge. A few moments in the sealer removes both problems. I used this on a bag of Bisquick this evening. It doesn’t get out the air, but does seal quite well. Thanks siblinginbox.