This comment gets right to the bottom line of our present problem with government:

I can go on. There is simply no way to word a document in such a way as to make it impervious to assault, especially when the assailants have no compunction about folding, spindling and mutilating the common understanding of the English language to defeat the plain words used.

It’s no different than expecting a restraining order to protect you against a violent ex. It’s not the piece of paper that protects you, it is the implied consequences of violating it.

If there are no consequences, there is no deterrent…and at this point in our country’s history, there are no consequences to the government’s violation of the constitution. [bold mine]

The only way to protect our rights is to ensure that there are consequences to violating them. Until we as a society are willing to step up and do that, these types of discussions are patently worthless.

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With 97% rehire rate of the congress critters, there is no consequence to them violating their oath of office and farming out their responsibilities to bureaucracies that have no accountability to the public.